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Vintage Shave Brush Replicas

We offer some of the most rare and sought afte replicas of the best shaving brushes ever produced for the discerning mand and woman. 


Our process is simple! Secure the original brush in usable fashion. Once we find the good quality original, using todays methods and materials, we then create a model replica that is 95-99% accurate. 


Finally we choose vibrant colors for our pours and based on what is popular for todays shavers we then recreate unique replicas that are made with quality. 

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Vintage Razor Replicas

We have perfected the shave brush replica and now we are doing just the same with hand selected vintage originals. We only want the hard to find top of the line shaving razors from yesteryear.  

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Shave Soap and Aftershave

We are taking the brands we have resurrected from days gone by and creating our very own shaving soap and aftershave splash with both vintage and modern scents  

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