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Founder Neil Breed, a US Marine happened to reconnect with a fellow Marine from his days as a recruit on Parris Island during the early 90's. He saw a post with a youtube video that one of the former drill instructors from Alpha Company posted on Facebook and was instantly intrigued.


He thought, wow! What is normally a mundane, manly chore that provides zero relaxation and zero nourishment of the face, was somehow turned into something exciting.  As he wielded a vintage straight razor, a refurbished Ever-Ready TM shave brush and some exclusive English shave soaps into a show of skill, style and the art of vintage wet shaving, a new wetshaver was born.  He had to get in on this! As most good wet shavers do, a care package was sent out with the intentions of paying it forward and he was instantly hooked. 

As he made his way along this new path of manlyhood, he became frustrated with the lack of usable and restorable vintage shave brushes (the first weapon of choice in a great wet shave) available on the open market. While restoring a few brushes that were collected from a few antique shops and experiencing the let down of difficult shave brush restorations, Neil felt there had to be a better way!.

What if we could bring back the original names and the original designs using todays methods and materials while offering a plethora of cool vintage and modern day colors? Heritage Collection Shaving was born. 

Heritage Collection Shaving offers the discerning wetshaver a moderately priced, well designed piece of shaving art from days past. Each handle is constucted of durable matertials that recreate the look and feel of brushes from yesteryear. 

While our main focus has been on serving the community through vintage shave brush and razor reproductions, we have charted a new course forward with plans to expand our product line while remaining true to the heritage of wetshaving. 

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